Education and sport
Fursa means 'Opportunity' in Swahili. The Fursa Foundation offers children in Kenya a chance for a better future through education and sport. Thanks to donors, sponsors and schools currently 30 children attend school, in addition, they practice karate with Kenyan champion Erick Juma three times a week.

In 2009, Funakoshi Karate Club in The Netherlands came into contact with the Lionheart Karate Club of Erick Juma in Thika (Kenya). Erick gave karate classes for children from the slums to keep them away from drugs and crime. This initiative was initially supported by sending used karate suits. However, there was also a great need for education for the children and more training opportunities. Therefore the Fursa Foundation was founded in 2011.

In The Netherlands the Fursa Foundation raises funds by organising all kinds of activities. We sell Kenyan handcraft, give karate demonstrations and schools organise sponsorruns. Meanwhile in Thika the children perform well with karate and school.